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Server rules


Disrupting the game is the fastest way to get banned. Examples:

  • Deconning – deconstructing (or just damaging) your own base to make your team lose. Switching teams and then deconning is especially frowned upon.
  • Deliberate friendly fire.
  • In some cases accidental friendly fire. If you can't use a Lucifer Cannon and keep killing your teammates, just sell it.
  • Deliberately blocking your teammates or your spawns.
  • Trying to fuck over your team in other ways: malicious building (moves timed badly on purpose, moves to stupid places), feeding on purpose, etc.
  • Glitchbuilding – building in places that weren't meant to be built in in order to gain an advantage.
  • Stalling the game:
    • Blocking or camping at the last spawn, not letting the game end or progress further.
    • Building outside the map or in other inaccessible areas.
    • Hiding in a place unreachable to the enemy. This is usually fine but in some cases might piss people off and end up in an admin intervention.
  • Ghosting (helping a team as a spectator) is generally frowned upon.

Ultimately it's up to the administration to decide if something is griefing or not, but the actions on the list above are very often treated as such.

Fair play

Fair play is not strictly enforced but is expected from all players. We're here to have fun, so anti-competitive or unfair behaviors are frowned upon. Avoid, among other things:

  • excessive camping and other brilliant strategies that make the opponent quit out of boredom,
  • trying to inflate your stats by camping with a mass driver (it doesn't work anyway),
  • stacking, whether intentional or not; try to keep teams balanced,
  • quitting the game every time you start losing.

Ban evasion

Evading is not recommended and will end up in an extension of the original ban. We've blacklisted dozens and dozens of VPN providers and evaders only help expand the list. Remember: even if you think you got away, you didn't and we know.


Every player caught cheating is permabanned, no questions asked. This includes all kinds of firing/aiming assists, wallhacks and other cheats that let you see more than other players. Messing with the brightness, r_lightmap, etc. is fine though.


Anything goes as long as you're not distrupting the game. Flooding and other kinds of misuse will not be tolerated. Abusing the private message system might result in an instant ban. Offensive content (as long as it's legal) is OK, but excessive harrassment might end in a mute or a kick. Just remember that this goes both ways: if you shitpost too much, you'll get shitposted back.

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