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Applying for an admin position

We are looking for experienced members of the Tremulous community who are responsible enough to take on this position, and taking on such a role should not be taken lightly.

You'll need some basic information and will need to write a little bit about why you think we should make you an admin on our server, and this may include descriptions of your past experiences, as well as competence when using our admin commands. It's recommended that you have someone in the high admin team (Senior Admin or above) who can vouch for you, and they'll need to be verified forum members and will need to post in this thread to confirm their support. Please remain serious throughout your post.

We'd like you to create your post with your name in the title (e.g. “Kai - Admin Application”), and your post must contain the following information (it need not follow this format, but all questions must be answered or your application will immediately fail). Assume, for the purposes of your application, that you are applying for Trial Admin. We will decide whether you should start higher.

Fill out the template below and post it on either our Discord (in the appropriate channel) or on the forum; links are on the front page. Once you've posted, your application will be polled between the Council within five days.

If your application fails, you will need to wait 14 days until you can re-apply.

We reserve the right to cancel any admin application at any time, and applications may not always be open.

Application template

Registered name on Der Bunker (and other significant aliases you use)

Your timezone (UTC)

Roughly how many hours a day are you able to play?

Past admin experience

If a string of commands were presented to you, would you be able to explain their function and use?

Do you know basic administrative conventions (spotting for hacks, multiclient, spotting when offenders reconnect to abuse votes or mutes)

Do you have any vouchers? (Senior Admin+)

Please post your application on our forum: https://zittrig.eu/forum/category/11/admin-applications

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