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Active changes unique to Der Bunker

Gameplay changes can be designated into different categories:

  • Balance changes - Changes to gameplay which include minor refinement of existing features, or new additions.
  • Bugfixes - Correction or adjustment of a previously intended gameplay feature.

Changes that do not impact gameplay are simply listed as Quality of life (QoL).


Date Type Author Change
27/05/2020 QoL Kai /callvote and /callteamvote can now be used directly from the chat, or teamchat
15/05/2020 QoL Kai new sound for voting
04/05/2020 QoL Kai !time now shows extra information
28/04/2020 QoL Kai !maplog now shows the current match timer. BUGFIX: ongoing votes are now sent to new players
27/04/2020 QoL Kai formatting change for the voting system. Yes/No vote status is now displayed on a 2nd line, and the vote prints use the new colours
26/04/2020 Balance/Bugfix enneract Storing Lucifer Cannon charge indefinitely (by repeatedly switching to Blaster and back) is no longer possible.
25/04/2020 Balance IronClaw Make Barricades taller (up to 96 units from 75 units).
15/04/2020 Balance enneract Double the rewards for killing Basilisk. Increase Adv. Basilisk's healing aura to 3x, increase its range, increase the duration for which it gives poison to other Aliens to 15 s.
15/04/2020 QoL enneract Bring /allstats back to life.
15/04/2020 QoL? enneract Buff Adv. Granger's attack.
13/04/2020 QoL enneract Fix the weird wallwalking bug that would flip the camera upside down on some ceilings.
08/04/2020 Balance enneract Small payouts for destroying buildings; boost the payouts and decrease defenders' rewards during the Sudden Death
08/04/2020 QoL enneract Earning, sharing, etc. are now tracked in /mystats
06/04/2020 QoL enneract Fractional evos (see cg_drawFractionalEvos)
06/04/2020 Bugfix enneract Hovel glitch building fix
29/03/2020 QoL enneract A simple speedometer (see cg_drawspeed)
20/03/2020 Balance Ironclaw Barricade shrink for aliens
07/03/2020 QoL Ironclaw Mass driver zoom sounds
07/03/2020 Balance Ironclaw Knockback restored to Teslas
13/12/2019 QoL Ironclaw Added 54 new chat colours
06/10/2019 QoL Ironclaw Spectator Noclip
09/08/2019 Bugfix Ironclaw Velocity retained when evolving
09/08/2019 Bugfix Ironclaw Preserve poison when evolving


23/05/2018 - QoL - Enneract - Players are notified when a team member damages the Reactor/Overmind.

05/02/2018 - Balance Change - Enneract - Knockback removal (Retained on Barbs, Grenades, and Lcannon)

14/05/2017 - Bug Fix - Enneract - Basilisk gas no longer hits players through walls.

15/04/2017 - QoL - DevHC/Enneract - Schachtmeister v2 implemented (Automated anti VPN and evader protection system).

15/04/2017 - Bug Fix - DevHC - Repeaters no longer give power after the reactor has lost all health but has not blown up yet.

13/05/2017 - Balance Change - Maejong - Tyrant Nerf (healing aura removed, width and range of swipe reduced).

13/05/2017 - Balance Change - Maejong - Basilisk Buff (healing aura added, gas gives surrounding aliens poison)

13/05/2017 - Bug Fix - Maejong - Helmets now protect against basilisk gas instead of light armour.

13/04/2017 - Balance Change - DevHC/Enneract - Changes to timed reward and fund generation (disabled during SD).

13/04/2017 - Balance Change - DevHC - Buildable death sounds.

13/04/2017 - Balance Change - DevHC - Booster refreshes poison when touched.

(See also for a full list of changes)
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