Please help for o'neill admin application from Council and admins

  • Hi @kai , all members of Council and all admins , I have just received on zittrig website your answer for my admin application.

    It is the 4th time I applied and it is again rejected: I was ranked as junior/trial admin in 2018 for zittrig tremulous server ( I was removed because I wasn't online for months because my previous work not allowed me to play -> I understand your decision to remove me perfectly )

    In precious polls, I was said I was rejected because of my long absence before.

    Since beginning of august until today, I have played Tremulous everyday ( most of the time several hours each day) (except 1 week in september because I was travelling abroad).

    In general, I play with good behavior in game, building, helping teammates, sharing evos, speaking with respect to all players, cooperate and elaborating strategy with team.

    I was for months admin in 2018: What is blocking my application today in 2019 ?

    @Ironclaw and other members support my application and I really want to improve in this role of admin for zittrig server, to help players, to give my energy to act when things happen which ruin game ( deconning, Teamkilling, IP evading, etc...)

    I don't want to bother you or that you start thinking that I don't respect your decision (you know that I respect all of you) but I really ask you to review my application. Or at least give me precious advice to become again admin for zittrig server ?

  • @meme-spider I have well received your message on Discord. Yes I can understand I apply a little bit too much since august but I am not desesperated because I am not an admin . I just don't understand why it was easier in 2018 and difficult today in 2019. Just that!

    It shows at least that I am very motivated.

    I have just started today a new job, and I have a full life (with my girlfriend , family, friends, hobbies, etc...). I just like playing in trem and I am ready to invest a little bit more.

    If it is not today, i can easily pass through that! I am surely a little bit dissapointed but I am not mad or anything else.

    As I said to all of you I respect your decision even if it is hard to me to fully understand it (even if I applied a lot and I understand that you could be embarrassed).

    @kai As you gave me advice, I will before applying again wait at least 1 month.

    So all Council members and admins, see you in game or on Discords 😉

  • Council

    @o-neill said in Please help for o'neill admin application from Council and admins:

    I apply a little bit too much since august

    and this, I think is the key point.

    You returned for a month saying a similar thing, then disappeared for 6 months. I think that is why so many vote against you right now.

    I don't mean my post in a nasty way, just best wait for a while, that is all.

    Best wishes to you.

  • @kai Thank you for your message ☺ Yes I understand better now, you all need more "factual" proofs specially my regular presence in time on server: my previous job was so awful , I mean for time schedule that I have just no time to connect for 6 months, truly. I think it should be better with my new job now.

    I received well your advice (I know that your note wasn't nasty at all) and will wait a little bit before applying again 😉 But I will do it for sure 😜
    Tonight was nice games all together, Have a nice evening all Council members, admins and players of zittrig server, see you later ☺ 👍

  • Server Admin

    I did not vote the first times because I am relatively fresh admin myself. But I voted no in your last application, mainly because it came across as "trying until accepted". Because I do not have anything against you, I just strongly dislike this procedure, I also have no problem with telling you this.

    And I think, because most people seem to think relatively similar, if you keep on doing what you do and stay active your next application will get accepted (unless its next week or something like that)

  • @FulltimeG Yes I admit that it could be seen as "trying until accepted" but in my mind it was more "trying because I don't understand why it was rejected".

    Anyway, I understand with days that it could be interpreted as you said @FulltimeG (and you were not alone to think that) and as you saw in my previous message I won't apply next week lol 😋

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