Fractional evos

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    This is an upcoming feature.

    The idea is simple. In 1.1 evo counts are whole numbers and all rewards are rounded. This is a minor inconvenience in vanilla Tremulous as the rewards for killing humans are large enough and the rounding errors eventually average out. This is, however, a major problem for two ideas.

    Firstly the anti-stacking system, tested a while back, needs to be able to make small adjustments to incomes. As it stands it's completely useless. Secondly we're looking into rewards for destroying buildings, which would have to be rather small.

    I'll be working on testing and merging @Theriaca's experimental branch in the following days. Once it's done I'll make separate threads to discuss the ideas I've mentioned in detail.

  • Didn't mods like KoRx and other GPP style gameplay have fractional evos?

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    @IronClaw Yeah, we're basically doing what GPP did.

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    @IronClaw not sure about those. I can really only remember fractional evos being grangerhub stuff.

    Also I'd like to precise that while this is being posted as 'fractional evos', there is much more involved. We are refactoring a major part of the reward system and rewriting overflow/share/donate code.

    You should expect much better behaviour from those. I've already rewritten the overflow code entirely; right now it prioritizes the poorest players on the team. We're considering adding and using equal distribution to everyone on the team instead, though.

    Not to mention how infinitely more maintainable the code will be after we're done rewriting, which makes any further suggestion much easier to possibly implement.

    The overflow/add funds functions for instance were so poorly written they had multiple loops doing the exact same thing. It wasn't just that it made it perform very poorly in terms of speed, it's mostly how unreadable the shit was.

  • @Theriaca said in Fractional evos:

    We're considering adding and using equal distribution to everyone on the team instead, though.

    This is bad idea., it doesn't allow good players to whore consistently b/c it takes away their reward and gives it to other players. Secondly it feeds the opposing team b/c bad players will waste the money the good one earned.

    Do we really need to test the fucking socialism everywhere, Tremulous included, to understand that it's garbage?

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    @grmg good players earn funds on their own. Bad players are relying on them to survive. Also this is not a political discussion.

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    @grmg This only applies to overflow. Funds are shared out only if you hit your maximum and they'd otherwise go to waste.

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    If you donate or share you're usually already padded on funds and if you want to target someone in particular, you can do it too.

    It does bring up an interesting idea though, we could make players able to choose their preferred distribution method for donating or overflowing.

  • You want to encourage bad players to rely on good ones. Why would I EVER want to fight outside my base if I just wait for Rohan to whore enough so I can get money? In fact, it encourages weaker players to wait in base and not feed with naked rifles/dretches (makes much more sense now, since you're literally feeding the other team now) while the good players earn them goons/suits.

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    @grmg Are you proposing removing/limiting sharing?

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    @grmg nope. We want to encourage bad players to play the game, rather.
    With even distribution, the amount they earn is very limited anyway.

    If they go and feed the enemy team, it means your team is already doing well enough. In that case, the good players will also earn more from killing the bigger classes. This is a recurrent pattern with the existing code already (and it's much, much worse than with even distribution -- think of the code actually getting stuck on donating to the same person over and over, if that person is desala).

    Camping is a separate issue. Camping in base should be done strategically at specific times, not over the entirety of a game. There are better solutions that can be put in place that don't involve funds at all, that would limit the camping and discourage doing it over extended periods of time. Think of it as losing momentum in your advantage by doing something counter-productive.

  • @enneract said in Fractional evos:

    Are you proposing removing/limiting sharing?

    Since I started playing on Bunker, I've asked maybe 2 times for evos. I share when I'm full, mostly to top players. I've said "don't share me" more times.

    I'm not proposing to remove /share, but I'm not opposed to it either.

    After considering pros/cons, maybe auto-share whan full would't be as much important as I thought, since there aren't many players who can consistently do this anyway.

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    For the record autosharing's been enabled for a good while. It's nothing more than an automatic /donate so you don't have to spam it yourself.

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    @grmg current overflow implementation is completely silent; chances are 75% of the times you were filled on funds you earned a vast amount through it.

    After considering pros/cons, maybe auto-share whan full would't be as much important as I thought, since there aren't many players who can consistently do this anyway.

    I'm typically overflowing (way) over 30 evos a game on aliens. There's a ton of people who do it, and some even way harder.

    New system would split 3 evos among e.g. 5 players, so each would get 0.6.
    Current system would typically split and give 2 and 1 to 2 random players, and very, very often get stuck on the same 2 players.

  • @grmg u love mentioning rohan to back ur arguments lol

  • Fractional evos will be out when 1.3 releases.

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