Admin Applications - Read this before applying.

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    Before you consider applying, you should question yourself whether you actually have the shoulders to take on such a position.

    As an administrator, you are expected:

    - To be able to remain calm at any time and not use this position to undermine players or straight out abuse them; treat everyone as your equals,
    - To prioritize other people's comfort over yours, and provide assistance to players whenever they require it,
    - To atleast be able to understand and be understood in basic english,
    - To be able to teamwork and cooperate with other admins, regardless of whether they have a lower level than yours,
    - To have a basic understanding of admin commands and/or an incentive to learn them,
    - To have decent activity on the game - an inactive admin is useless.

    To create your application, create a thread in this category and follow the following template. You may simply copy/paste it and respond to each question, but are actually encouraged to write up your very own application from scratch, as long as all of the important points are covered.

    Application template:

    - Registered name on Der Bunker (and other significant aliases)
    - Your timezone, in UTC preferably
    - Roughly how many hours a day are you able to be on the game?
    - Past admin experience
    - If a string of commands were presented to you, would you be able to explain their function and use?
    - Do you know basic administrative conventions: spotting cheaters, multiclients, ban/mute evasion, recording and analyzing demos, ...?
    - Do you have any vouchers? (Senior Admin (97) and higher)

    Following an application, you will normally receive an answer within the week.
    If your application was denied, you will have to wait atleast one month (30 days) before attempting to apply again.

    We reserve the right to revoke admin rights at any given time, which should only ever happen if you demonstrate abusive behaviour or prolonged inactivity.

    Good luck!

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