Forum Rules

  • Council

    I won't make this excessive, just some simple stuff.

    • Mutual respect is a wonderful thing. TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.
    • No NSFW and no illegal content.
    • Spam and flood are prohibited.
    • Do not create and use more than one account. Sock puppets are not allowed.
    • Keep threads on-topic. At best, you may create another thread and link to it in the topic to-be derailed.
    • Excessive use of quoting, large fonts, colours when they are not necessary is highly discouraged.
    • Try using the upvote ^ button instead of posting pointless one-liners when agreeing. This helps keep the threads sane and on-topic.

    If you notice any behaviour that requires a moderator's attention, use the Flag this post for moderation option within the button on the bottom-right of a post.

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