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  • Yooo whats good Der Bunker team, its Waffle aka FlipNooli (registered as waffle) and I would love to apply for admin as I've been very active lately (aprox 3-5 hrs a day sometimes much more) and have loads of experience with Trem. By experience I mean I started playing back in 2008 and had a few admin rights on KoRx and AussieAssault- I went by a different name at the time known as Xeroz and was apart of the |tMc| clan for a while. I am familiar with admin cmds and the proper use of them as well as I'm always looking to expand my knowledge. I do feel I would be a great candidate as I am a very understanding person in general, patient, cool, calm & collected, and quite frankly just love Trem - It's a childhood game of mine.. really the only video game I play anymore because of that and love coaching others where I see fits as wells as watching Trem grow. Hope to be accepted and appreciate anyone that vouches for me. See ya'll on the field.

  • Ps. Just spoke with Ironclaw and he said he'd vouch for me. Ty man.

  • Council

    Thanks for applying. We will review your application and give you an answer as soon as possible; good luck!

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